What is Biocellulose mask?Bio cellulose mask is an innovation biological nanoscale mask carrier, which is made from the microbial cellulose produced from microorganism metabolism of Ace


bio-cellluose mask sheet global supplierbio-cellluose mask sheet global supplier

bio-cellluose mask sheet global supplier

What is Biocellulose mask?

Bio cellulose mask is an innovation biological nanoscale mask carrier, which is made from the microbial cellulose produced from microorganism metabolism of Acetobacter Xylinum in coconut juice base, not synthesized chemically.

 bio-cellluose mask sheet global supplier

Biocellulose Unique Features

Natural Source and Excellent Safety-Eatable Mask Substrate

Biocellulose mask substrate is fermented with food grade raw material, coconut water, which is essentially different from the non-woven mask obtained by chemical textile technology. It is degradable and eco-friendly.

Pro-skin Ability-100% Close to Skin

Biocellulose fiber is super soft and thin, it is the tiniest natural fiber in the world. Its fiber diameter is only 20-30nm which is 1/250 of non-woven mask fiber. A biocellulose mask also fits like a second skin, meaning that essence infused in the mask in constant contact with your skin, every curve and contour is continually soaking in the treatment.

Deeply Delivering Nutrient-Go in-depth Epidermis Grooves

The nanometer grade fibers of the masks can fit tightly with skin grooves and reach deeply into pores.When applying the mask on the face, there forms an enclosed space between the bio cellulose mask and epidermis.Once the space is heated by body temperature, the active ingredients will efficiently penetrate into open pores and be effectively absorbed by skin.

Enhance Mask Efficacy-up to 3-5 times compare with non-woven mask material

Biocellulose mask sheet is a high efficient carrier which promotes to rise up 3-5 times of absorptive.Due to the extreme tiny fibers, which can closely fit epidermis grooves so as to transfer serum deeply and widely.

Cleansing & Tightening & Lifting Skin-substrate own function without serum

Different to non-woven mask sticking to face by viscous serum, the biocellulose fiber is ”alive” , while it contacts your skin, it can build a strength of absorption, after apply it for 10mins, you will feel the absorption power become stronger and stronger. The mask film begin drier and thinner, it firmly tighten & lifting your skin finally.

In addition, if you apply it till the substrate dry likes a thin film, peel it off and put it into clean water for 1 minute, you can see dirt and oils on the mask.

bio-cellluose mask sheet global supplier


Our Services:

We offer 2 types of products:


Biocellulose Mask Raw Sheet-Easily produced in any shape and size, we can create customized.

Biocellulose mask finished products OEM/ODM Service-Biocellulose mask with serum of various function, like whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging...

Pre-sale & after-sale Solution Supports:-Formulation Tips of the Mask Serum, Manufacturing Practice for finished Products.

Why Us?

One factory One product- continue manufacture biocellulose substrate for 10 years.

Technology-Technical Support from American CHEM-STONE Biological Science Laboratory. Our Chief engineer and chairman, Mr. Liang Zhentao, graduated from Peking University of Chemistry major. He devoted himself in Cosmetics industry for more than 30 years and has rich experience in this field.

Unique Features of Microcell Biocellulose Substrate

Safer-Cooperate with Mengniu group’s coconut jelly supplier, secure our raw material quality reach food grade.

Superb Performance -Our Substrate absorbs essence speed are 10 times faster than normal film, and the absorption of essence capacity increased by 10%.

Dried Membrane-Our Dried substrate shares the same production process as normal non-woven mask material, able to go on the folding machine, highly improved the production efficiency.In dry condition, no worry of bacterial contamination, free of preservatives.

bio-cellluose mask sheet global supplier