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bio-cellluose mask sheet global supplier

According to patent CN101332158A, the method for making a composite bio-cellulose membrane mask material, Guangzhou Microcell Bio-technology Co., Ltd started the study for making the bio-cellulose mask in 2008. We began large-scale production from 2010 and the total amount is more than 100 million pieces till this year. In addition to supplying the domestic markets, our products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Europe, America and other regions as well.

Guangzhou Microcell Bio-technology Co., Ltd is one of the earliest manufacturers to develop bio-cellulose substrate in China. With Microcell Inc of the United States as the research background, through a unique patented technology, over stable and mature production technology, our product quality has reached the international advanced quality standards and got SGS certification.

Guangzhou Microcell Bio-technology Co., Ltd has been committed a long-term research and test on bio-cellulose membrane in skin care direction. We have developed various masks with function of moisturizing, cleansing, V face shaping, whitening, anti-aging and so on. Our newly Chemical Add Free formulation applied in eye mask products. Our product has obvious effect,  unique and comfortable, safe and non irritant. Microcellulose undertakes bio-cellulose substrate finished products OEM service and provides a full range of high-end services.