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bio-cellluose mask sheet global supplier

Bio cellulose mask is an innovation biological nanoscale mask carrier, which is made from the microbial cellulose produced from microorganism metabolism of Acetobacter Xylinum in coconut juice base, not synthesized mask sheet global supplier

First we put the 100% pure coconut juice into a fermentation tower and ferment it into coconut yeast juice which is full of nutrient substance such as glucose, sugar, glycerol etc., and then it be added with Acetobacter Xylinum in a culture tray.


Acetobacter Xylinumthis non-photosynthetic organism can procure glucose, sugar, glycerol or other organic substrates in coconut yeast juice and convert them into pure cellulose fiber just like silkworm spin the silk, it takes 5-7 days for us to harvest the bio-cellulose cuboids. After several more procedures of washing, slicing, shape cutting, packaging, sterilizing and inspecting, finally we get the bio-cellulose mask sheet.

Bio cellulose had been widely used in repairing material for artificial blood vessel and prosthetic skin in the international medical field  for more than 10 years. Since 2002, several cosmetic manufactures began to use this natural cellulose as essence carrier for face mask.                                              

Unique Features

Pro-skin Ability 100% Close to Skin-Go in-depth Epidermis Grooves

The tiniest natural fiber which existing in the natural world. Its fiber diameter is only 20-30nm which is 1/250 of non-woven mask fiber, since the epidermis grooves is 50nm, so the bio-cellulose fiber can go in-depth epidermis grooves to closely fit the skin. The skin texture is transfer printed onto the surface of bio-cellulose mask after applying on skin for 15 minutes.

bio-cellluose mask sheet global supplier

Deeply Delivering Nutrient

The nanometer grade fibers of the masks can fit tightly with skin grooves and reach deeply into pores.

Thus the essence can be inducted into the inside of the skin efficiently and quickly. 

When applying the mask on the face, there forms an enclosed space between the bio cellulose mask and epidermis.

Once the space is heated by body temperature, the active ingredients will efficiently penetrate into open pores and be effectively absorbed by skin.

Air Permeability

Bio cellulose is a network spatial structure, there are tiny gaps between the fiber bundles, the air can reach and let the skin naturally breathe. The fiber layers of the mask overlap with each other in fermentation procedure and form a 3D reticular fiber structure. The unique material of the mask is air permeable so your face can breathe freely when applied with mask. 

Moisture Retaining Capacity

The super locking water ability of bio cellulose can remain a large amount of precious essence in mask. The moisturizing ability of bio cellulose is four times higher than the traditional non-woven mask.The essence not easy to evapotranspire. Extend the time of effective ingredient to moisten the skin. 

bio-cellluose mask sheet global supplier

Thickness difference

Unlike normal masks, the bio-cellulose mask is fermented by compound microorganism bacteria and is made of nano-scale fiber. It is natural to have a little difference in the thickness of bio-cellulose masks.

·        Effected by temperature and humidity, in the bio-cellulose natural fermentation process, the cellulose structure and thickness will be different.

·        In the manufacturing process, the bio-cellulose substrate will be compressed with not exact time and strength, so the thickness of each membrane will be a little variance.  

·        The bio-cellulose membrane structure is different from each other, while its ability to absorb essences will not be the same as well.

Technical Support: Chem-Stone, Inc. 

Chem-Stone, Inc. was established in 1996 and located in America. It is a worldwide pharmaceutical and cosmetics development outsourcing service enterprise, recruiting international outstanding biogical scientists. Chem-Stone, Inc. committed to the application of biological  

medical technology in cosmetic field.

bio-cellluose mask sheet global supplier